Glow Kiddo Glow Affirmation Prints


Uplifting, empowering and whimsical artwork to inspire your kiddos wherever they roam, whether it be as decor in their bedroom, their playroom, or their classroom! These 8 x 10 prints are printed on high-quality card stock. Choose individual prints or pre-bundled collections from a special selection of our Affirmations!

  • Frame not included
  • Collections include 3 specific prints

(Local pick-up available in Pickering, Ontario. For orders placed through The Maker’s Hub Local Market, pick-up available in Whitby, ON at The Maker’s Hub).

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Classroom Collection 1, Classroom Collection 2, Courageous Heart Collection, Playroom Collection, Pink Collection, Mint Collection, I Belong, I Can Achieve My Dreams, I Follow My Gut, I Can Change the World, I Am Proud of Myself, I Am Intelligent, I Have a Big Imagination, I Am Loved, It's Important to Rest, I Am Growing and Changing, I Am Unique, I Am Strong, I Am Brave When I Share My Feelings, I Am Courageous, I Am Grateful, I Am Beautiful, My Heart is Full of Love, I Follow My Joy and Happiness, I Have a Big Imagination, I Am Talented, I Am Fun, It's Okay to Be Sad, I Have Unique Thoughts, Sharing Makes Me Feel Good, I Am Thoughtful and Considerate, When I'm Confused, I Can Ask For Help, I Am Kind to Others, This Will Pass, I Am an Explorer, I am Open-Minded


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